To Windward

Fair Wind & Following Sea

Orange Spinnaker

The Perfect Wave

Sea Garden

Strom Coming

The T

Regatta I (Award winning 2016)

Trans Ocean Race

Regatta X

Treasures of the Sea (sold)

Sea Fantasy

Sea Garden (sold)

Rhythm of the Sea

Wild Reef (diptych)

Basslet (sold)

"Regatta" (giclee available)

"Sea Rhapsody #2" oil

"Night Fall" mixed media (giclee available)

"The Perfect Wave" oil (sold) "The light" mixed media "Storm Coming" mixed media (sold)

"Sea Shells" water color At Twilight "First Flight" oil

"Earth, Wind.. and Fire" oil (sold) "Royal Poinciana" oil "Water Song" (sold)

"The Trio" "Song and Dance" mixed media "The Band" (sold)

"Improvisation" oil (hold) "Violinist" oil/mixed media (sold) "Piano Trio" oil (sold)

"Play On" oil/mixed media "Rock On" oil (sold) "Just Dance" (sold)

Gallery (Watercolor/mixed media)

New Works (Oil)

Gallery (Oil)

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